Love Of The Common People

Love Of The Common People

In 2017, Evolving Media had the pleasure of working with the vibrant, intelligent and deeply caring Sarah Gleeson to bring her website Love of the Common People to life.

At the beginning of the project I asked Sarah whether she would a) like for me to design and develop her website, or b) if she would like to do it together and for me to teach her the skills as we go. She didn’t hesitate in choosing option b.

Over a series of Skype calls, Evolving Media supported with website design, personal expression and content development, as well as providing in-depth WordPress, Social Media, YouTube and MailChimp tutorials.

We worked in co-collaboration throughout the project, and the end result speaks for itself. Sarah’s flare for 80’s style CD cover artwork along with her down to earth, hard hitting, yet super quirky articles make this website well worth exploring.

I may even feature in one of the soon to be released articles in Chapter 7… Spoiler alert. It is super beautiful.