Carolien Braakenburg – Universal Medicine Therapies

Carolien Braakenburg – Universal Medicine Therapies

Carolien Braakenburg is a complementary healing practitioner based in Belgium and Holland.

Working under the umbrella of Emanation Media, Jonathan Baldwin developed this website based on the design of Rebecca Asquith and Desiree Delaloye of Design Arts.

Intricate CSS coding was required to implement the gorgeous water colour tone of the design, and make sure that this responsive website displayed beautifully on all devices.

Working with the purely Dutch content on this project was an interesting experience.

I have a huge attention to detail when working on English websites and am always on the search for typos or making sure sentences flow in the best way possible. With no understanding of the language on this project (other than using google translate to support with laying out the content), it was a very good lesson in trust.

It is a blessing to be able to work with international clients, and it staggers me that many of the Europeans that I work with have a greater mastery of English than most Australians.