Esoteric Women’s Health: A Women’s Revolution

Esoteric Women's Health: A Women's Revolution

Esoteric Women’s Health is a global collaboration of complementary health practitioners and allied health professionals who are dedicated to supporting women everywhere to restore true health and well-being in their lives.

In this video, founding director Natalie Benhayon shares the core principles of Esoteric Women’s Health and how they have sparked a women’s revolution, based purely on supporting the innate beauty, power, wisdom and grace that lives inside all women to come out and be lived in every aspect of life.

Evolving Media supported with video production on this project in collaboration with Flawless Imaging, and provided complete post-production services.

Having seen first-hand the profound effects that Esoteric Women’s Health has had on my gorgeous wife Heidi, my family, friends and an entire worldwide community, it was a great joy to be a part of sharing this message with the world.