An Interview with Judith McIntyre

An Interview with Judith McIntyre

In May 2014, Judith McIntyre was in the final stages of terminal breast cancer.

Engaging a model of palliative care pioneered by Universal Medicine’s Serge Benhayon, Judith was supported by a team of volunteers and palliative care experts so that she could die with grace and dignity in her own home.

In this deeply inspiring interview, filmed four weeks before she passed away, Judith shares her extraordinary unfoldment with life, death, and the joy, love and vitality of being that is possible right up until our last breath.

Evolving Media founder Jonathan Baldwin shares his experience of meeting Judith and producing An Interview with Judith McIntyre:

I first met Judith McIntyre on May 19th 2014, one day before we filmed the interview that would later become the documentary An Interview with Judith McIntyre.

We had arranged the interview with Judith a couple of weeks before, after hearing stories through the local community about this very beautiful and inspiring woman who was at the final stages of her life, and was approaching her passing with a level of joy, grace and acceptance that is rarely seen in the world.

When I went to meet Judith for the first time, understandably she was physically very weak, but also very warm and very present. She was absolutely lovely to be in the presence of. I explained to her that we had no planning or intention for the interview, other than to provide her with the platform to express anything and everything that she would like to express… to tell her story.

The resulting interview was one of the most profound experiences of my life. Judith completely dispelled any remaining fears that I had around death and dying, and showed the joy, love and understanding that is possible to live while preparing to pass over.

It was an honour to be able to share Judith’s story with the world, so that many, many others can be as deeply inspired by her as I was.